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Our teas

Tea Traveller is pleased to serve only the best loose teas. For this reason  Betjeman and Barton, a small and exclusive tea supplier from Paris, and we, have made a selection of the following teas.

Tea Traveller’s Blend

A fragrant blend of black teas from China and Sri Lanka, Tea Traveller mixes to his own taste. You can among other things discover the subtle flavor of bergamot from Calabria.

Mao Feng (China)

Green tea from Jiangsu province. The long thin leaves give a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Darjeeling Jungpana (India)

It’s not without a reason Darjeeling tea is called the champagne of teas. The famous plantation Jungpana is about 2,200 meters above sea level, close to the town of Kurseong. This garden produces a soft, delicate tea with a fragrant aroma with hints of Muscat grapes.

Assam Thowra (India)

A light Assam with a soft spicy flavor. Wonderful leaves with many golden tips. This tea is suitable for any time of day, with or without milk!

Formosa Grand Oolong (Taiwan)

Semi-fermented tea with beautiful yellow leaves. The taste is reminiscent of chestnuts. Low in theine content, light in color. Can be drunk without milk. A relaxing tea!

Ceylon Kenilworth (Sri Lanka)

Plantation located 3 km southwest of Nawalapitiya, 600 to 900 meters above sea level. Here a perfect Orange Pekoe is produced: a medium-sized, uniform leaf of homogeneous composition and color and perfectly rolled. In the cup this Kenilworth develops a clean, colored tea with a typical Ceylon-taste: full and round. Also delicious with a dash of milk or a slice of lemon.


The response of Betjeman and Barton on Earl Grey: a magical combination of bergamot, lemon and orange for a perfect cup of tea.

Lundi Light

Green light for Lundi Light! Chinese green tea blended with lemongrass from Mexico combined with extracts of lemon and ginger. Very unique! It restores and gives strength and energy.

Jasmijn Chung Hao (China)

Before Western countries discovered the perfume of tea, they had already gained a lot of experience in China with mixing tea with different flavors. Jasmine tea, a great classic, is still a famous legacy of the China of yesteryear.

Eden Rose

Roses, bergamot, lavender and vanilla in a blend of Ceylon and China. The subtle flavor reminds you of sultry summers.

Tea Traveller even brings water along to make your tea.  Purified by reversed osmose. To fully experience the taste this is an absolute must.

Want to know more about tea? Visit United Kingdom Tea Council.